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How Wood is Processed!

Everything you see in this picture is made from Wood! Lots of times, wood will be cut into boards and used as it is -- for hardwood floors, tables, chairs, etc. As an example, look at the table in the picture at the right.

But, lots of times, people will modify or change the wood before it's used. Think of the paper in all of your books -- that's wood, but it's definitely been modified! As examples, check out the book, construction paper, and toilet paper in the picture above -- that's all wood!

When wood is modified before it is used, we say that it is processed. Things made from processed wood are called wood products!

Some of the most important wood products we use everyday are boards, plywood, paper, and particleboard. We'll talk about how all of these wood products are made, and how they're used!

Let's get started!

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